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My name is Bruce Wallen. I specialize in safe openings. I do some residential locksmithing and rekeying, however safe opening is my true passion.  My father was a locksmith and I started out watching him 42 years ago. I remember being fascinated with the idea of a lock. He first taught me about picking locks and this was very intriguing as a young boy. I dabbled in this with my father for a short period of time as a young teenager and then lost interest.

I became a husband and a father and my focus in life was shifted for many years. In a fortunate turn of events in 2004 my father and I revisited our past and began discussing the art of opening locks. I purchased some locksmith equipment and began a new journey.

I have collected and studied the books written by Dave McOmie , a world renowned authority on the art of safecracking and videos on safecracking. I have collected videos produced by Mark Swetland, another expert on safe opening. I subscribe to newsletters, take classes offered by the trade associations I belong to. Over the last 7 years I have had the opportunity to open many safes, testing the many methods I have learned.

I am currently a member of The National Safemans Organization, The Safe and Vault Technicians Association, The Greater Philadelphia Locksmiths Association, and Clearstar Security Network an online forum for professional locksmiths.

I love my work and look forward to every new safe opening or service challenge. I hope that you will allow me to help you with your safe needs.


The Creed of a Safeman


A safeman always remembers his public trust. With him rests the security of property and fortune. As a public guardian, he shuns the dishonest, the wicked and the avaricious. For thousands of years, he and his predecessors have placed trust and honor above temptation. His honesty is incorruptible. His allies are the custodians of law and order. He is an artist at his trade and the symbol of skill and integrity to the world.

Leonard M. Singer. Charter, and Founding Member of Associated Locksmiths of America



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