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Media/Data Safes – Are Designed to Provide Protection for Fragile, Sensitive Media

Think about the fragile sensitive media that you need to protect from fire, photographs, video & audio tapes, your computer backup media. These items are sometimes irreplaceable, if you are putting then into a standard fire safe or fire resistant file, in the event of fire, they very likely could be destroyed.

Most standard fire safes and most fire resistant files manufactured in the USA, use a “wet fill” process, when exposed to fire, the moisture trapped in this “wet fill” is released in the form of steam, the steam generated is used to help keep interior temperatures down during a fire, as well as to seal the opening around the door thus preventing the flames from getting in. This steam would be particularly destructive to computer media, video and audio tapes, photographs, stamp collections, or any other article that would be damaged by steam.

Media or data safes are manufactured using a special “dry fill” process that does not promote the release of moisture into the interior of the safe during a fire.

Another method of protecting computer media would be to place those items into a specially constructed media box or “cooler”, and place that box into a standard fire or burglary safe.

Media or data safes, and media boxes or “coolers” are available from many manufacturers, check with us for pricing and availability.

Wallens Professional Safe Opening is a qualified professional safe dealer, we are the experts, we will help you choose the correct safe to protect you sensitive items from fire.

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