High Security Safes

High Security Safes are Designed to Provide Maximum Protection for valuables and Irreplaceable Items

There are many businesses that require higher degrees of security for cash or valuables, these businesses are sometimes required by their insurance underwriters to have and use a safe with a particular rating, or sometimes even a particular brand and model, or their insurance will not pay. Jewelry stores, jewelry manufacturers, check cashing stores, pawn shops, and some drug retailers, are some of the businesses on that list.

Many homeowners, those with high value collections of almost any kind, or those who own high value jewelry, or keep large amounts of cash on hand could also require this degree of protection.


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Safes that are classified as high security safes usually have one of the following UL labels TL15, TL30, TL30X6, TL60, TL60X6 or TXTL30, TXTL30X6, TXTL60, or TXTL60X6. The TL means the safe has passed a tool attack test, keep in mind that these safes are being tested by UL testors who can examine the safe completely, including design drawings before the test starts, who have access to any kind of tool they want to use, and the time value is only measured for the actual time that a tool is in contact with the safe and being used, actual tests may take many hours to complete. The 15, 30 and 60 are the minutes that the attack can be carried on. X means all 6 sides of the safe are tested. The TX adds the use of expolsives.

These safes are the real deal, they are very heavy, and they are expensive.

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